Saturday, December 7, 2013

Busy Busy Busy (Or I How I Hate Exams)

What a time. For the younger grades, it's a beautiful time of year; full of snow days and fun times with the friends at the ice rink or snow hill. For the university students, however, it's a cold miserable time of the year. Exams. And I'm ready to call it quits already.

Five exams. Nine days. No study habits. No reason to feel like it is sticking to my brain. No time with my amazing girlfriend. No time to play hockey. No time to go to work and make money, because I need money to buy gifts for people. And all the time in the world to feel screwed.

Christmas, the most wonderful time of year.....if you're eight years old. Other than that, blech.

Monday, December 2, 2013

GTA Online is Awesome. That is all.

Happy Thanksgiving America. Thanks for giving us great deals on gifts.

Just in case you haven't played Grand Theft Auto Online, it's awesome. So much to do and try and the whole group aspect is crazy awesome. So if you haven't played it, do it. It's probably one of the best games of this generation, before the XBone and PS4 come out with their great titles. You're missing out otherwise.